Liquid Silicone Rubbers

With one-component liquid silicone rubber compounds, work can begin as soon as the product is ejected from its cartridge. These products become elastic rubbers after curing, and adhere well to almost all materials as they cure. These properties make one-component liquid silicone rubbers suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Electrical Properties

    They have outstanding electrical properties, in terms of volume resistivity and ability to withstand high voltage.

  • Weather Resistance

    One-component liquid silicone rubbers exhibit almost no deterioration when exposed to the outdoor elements for long periods, because they have outstanding resistance to UV rays, ozone and moisture.

  • Heat and Cold Resistance

    They can be used over a wide temperature range (-40°C to +180°C).

  • Workability

    These products are easy to use, because they can be ejected from their cartridges and used immediately.

  • Impact Resistance

    The cured rubbers have excellent rubber elasticity and absorb vibration and impact.

Typical Products

Product Name Features Applications Brief Description
KE-45 Heat resistance
Chemical resistance
Adhesion, etc.
Parts fixing (e.g. home appliances, equipment)
Adhesives, seals and maintenance products for manufacturing equipment, etc.
Paste consistency
Product Name KE-45
Features Heat resistance
Chemical resistance
Adhesion, etc.
Applications Parts fixing (e.g. home appliances, equipment)
Adhesives, seals and maintenance products for manufacturing equipment, etc.
Brief Description Paste consistency

Why Shin-Etsu Silicone

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    Pursuing the potential of silicone

    We operate five R&D centres worldwide with a focus on creating innovative products by utilising our technology development capabilities.
    Together with our customers, we continue to pursue the potential of silicone.

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    Stable supplies, short delivery time

    Our established production facilities in Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea ensure a reliable supply system with direct access to the Asian Pacific market.
    We provide stable supplies of high-quality silicone with a short lead time to customers in the Indian and ASEAN regions.

    Attention Due to the recent shortage of vessel space and containers as well as port congestion throughout the world, delayed shipments are expected.

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    Flexible support tailored to the customer's needs

    Shin-Etsu Silicone supports the development of high-value-added products that provide solutions to the customers' needs.
    Furthermore, we have numerous distributors in Asia Pacific to support our range of high-quality general-purpose silicones.

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