About Shin-Etsu Group

The Group comprises Shin-Etsu Chemical and 146 Group companies that cooperate to develop their respective business activities. These business activities are divided into six segments:

・PVC/Chlor-Alkali Business
・Semiconductor Silicon Business
・Silicones Business
・Electronics and Functional Materials Business
・Specialty Chemicals Business and Processing
・Trading & Specialized Services Business

In each of these fields, our products maintain a strong market share, with the world’s top share in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and semiconductor silicon and the top share in Japan for silicones.

  • Overseas expansion

    Started overseas business in


  • Overseas bases

    93locations in 19countries 93locations in 19countries

  • Share of overseas sales

    74.0% 74.0%

  • 1,842 1,842

  • 21,222 21,222

  • Sales Share of Environmental Products*

    14.2% 14.2%

    *Products that contribute to achieving our Sustainable Development
    Goals: 7 (affordable and clean energy) goals and 13 (climate action) goals.

  • Equity Ratio

    83.2% 83.2%
  • Third-party Evaluations

    TOP 100 Global Innovator Awards TOP 100 Global Innovator Awards

    12 years in a row

    For details, see the Clarivate Analytics press release

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